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Get on your horse and go see the magic of Cavalia in San Diego

December 10, 2012


We just had the opportunity to see “Cavalia: “A Magic Encounter Between Man and Horse.”

Wow! This show is a horse of a different color. No wonder there’s a stampede to see it. This stunning show honors the majestic beauty of horses through the magic of powerful live music, imaginative set design and lighting, amazing aerialists, acrobats, dancers and riders and the overall elegance of the equestrian experience.

It’s important to say that this is the last time “Cavalia” will be in San Diego.  It was last in San Diego in 2004.   It has only gone to six cities worldwide in 2012.  Getting the picture?   See it, for yourself, now. 

We’re not one’s to give away all the details because, like us, you should see the show without preconceived notions. It is to be uniquely experienced by each person. What we can tell you is that you will be removed from reality and drawn into the enchantment of  high-tech “Cavalia.”

“Cavalia” is sheer and pure entertainment for everyone. This is real entertainment with unbelievable talent and exacting skill. Both the 36 human performers and the 50 equestrian performers will leave your eyes transfixed on to what is going on in front of you.  The human performers will astound you with their death-defying acts all while playfully connecting with the audience.

One gets the sense that the stars of the show, the 50 beautiful horses, enjoy being in the spotlight and freely perform with such joy and ease.  To see them, outside of Del Mar or outside of horse-racing in general, is such a delightful opportunity.  “Cavalia” showcases  11 breeds of horses from France, Spain, Portugal, Canada, the United States and the Netherlands.  The breeds?  21 Pure Spanish Breed, 14 Quarter Horse, 2 Lusitano, 2 Paint Horse, 5 Percheron, 2 Ardennais, 1 (adorable) Miniature Horse, 1 Appaloosa, 1 Comtois, 1 Criollo, and 1 Warmblood.  For horse lovers, like us, just to be able to see that list of horses is a treat unto itself.

We think that this show can’t be talked about without mentioning the music.  The five musicians and solo singer are mostly hidden but their artistry in live music adds depth and the backdrop to the “Cavalia” show.

“Cavalia” is mesmerizing and electrifying. Go see it before it closes at the end of December 2012.   

What should you know? 

  • “Cavalia” is set up under a special temporary Big White Top tent just east of Petco Park.
  • NO flash or non-flash photography or video during the show for the safety of the horses.
  • People with walking difficulties should know about the steep steps to get to seats.  Ask about disabled seating.
  • Length of show time is about 3 hours give or take.
  • Bring a light jacket or sweater.
  • Cavalia has a 20-minute intermission.
  • Snacks, booze and merchandise are available for purchase.

Interested in attending the show? Please click on this link to check the remaining show times. Admission tickets range in price from $39.50-$154.50; VIP $119.50-$229.50

Money-Saving Promos: 

For large families, “Cavalia” has a family promotion:  Buy 5 Tickets, get 5 Tickets free!

“Cavalia” is still offering their Black Friday promotion thru December 19th.  Buy merchandise online and redeem promo here.

The Nitty Gritty – Answers to some of the questions you’ll undoubtedly have: 

A 200-foot wide screen serves as a backdrop for the projections and special effects. The stage is 160 feet wide, the equivalent of the width of a regulation NFL football field. 2,500 tons of sand and dirt (100 truckloads) are required to build the stage.

The tour employs 120 people on a permanent basis.

100  people are hired locally in each city visited.

100 trucks are required to move the material.

Transport is done over land, sea or air, based on the distance

The 36 artists, acrobats, dancers and riders are from Canada, France, Belgium, the United States, Morocco, Spain, Australia, Moldavia, Poland and Russia.

The horses annually consume 17,500 bales of hay, 36,500 pounds of grain and 1,750 pounds of carrots.

The stables span more than 16,500 square feet.

For those who wonder about the training:

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