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San Diego County Fair 2012

June 7, 2012
Del Mar Fair  or  San Diego County Fair 2011

San Diego County Fair 2012

The San Diego County Fair features all the normal stuff you would expect to find: garden shows, gadget demonstrations, animal talent and human talent competitions, hobby and craft exhibits, pie-making and pie-eating competitions, carnival rides, talent shows, and live music. All of this happens throughout the picturesque Del Mar Fairgrounds. Suffice to say, a feast for the eyes and ears, not just the stomach.

The 2012 San Diego County Fair will be serving up all the fun this summer from June 8-July 4, 2012.

We always say this because it’s true. Many people, both locals and tourists alike, still refer to this annual summer event as the Del Mar Fair. A few years back, the Del Mar Fair was renamed the San Diego County Fair in order to capture all of San Diego County, and not just the lovely coastal City of Del Mar.

What’s New This Year, You Ask?

The theme of the 2012 San Diego County Fair is “Out of this World.”  


Let’s face it, most people go to the San Diego County Fair to sample the food and well, let’s be honest, pig out. Fairgoers can take comfort in knowing that there is a lot of ground to cover and a lot of fish to fry at the San Diego County Fair so you will be getting some exercise.  So what’s the popular greasy grub going to be this year?

Bacon-A-Fair will send you to in food sin-city with “Meat Lovers Hot Dog on a Stick” described as deep-fried beer-battered bacon-wrapped hot dogs and “Manly Gourmet” which consists of two pieces of bacon wrapped around sausage stuffed with mushrooms, artichoke and smoke mozzarella. That’s not all.  “The Caveman Turkey Club” will stop you in your tracks.  The Caveman is one POUND of bacon wrapped around an extra-large turkey leg.  Stop by and look at what else will tempt your taste buds.

San Diego County Fair 2012 - Caveman Turkey Club

San Diego County Fair 2012 – Caveman Turkey Club

Chicken Charlie’s is bringing Deep Fried Cereal and Deep Friend Pork Chops to your waist in 2012.

Charlie’s Pineapple Express is sweetening the feeding frenzy with bowls of chicken and shrimp.
The Del Mar Diner is raising its greasy ‘spoon-ness’ with Deep Fried Chili and Deep Friend Tang. Yes, Tang.

Another new food item to keep your eye out for is the lobster. Look for the huge copper cauldrons. The cauldrons belong to The Lobster Shack, a new vendor, and they are steamin’ up fresh Maine lobster tails. It’s quite the production and will require that you be patient until those beauties are cooked and ready.
Can you bring your own food? Yes, you can. Just remember not to bring alcohol, glass containers or metal knives/forks. Beverages need to be in factory-sealed containers only.

Money-Saving Tip: If you really want just a taste of all the goodies available at the San Diego County Fair this year, plan your visit for a Tuesday (June 12, 19, 26 and July 3rd). We really like the “$2 Taste of the Fair Tuesday”which allows you to graze through participating food vendors’ booths and sample a cream puff, a fried zucchini, some freshly fried potato chips, Texas-sized doughnuts, deep-fried Twinkies, etc.  Maybe we should just call it “Fat Tuesday”…

To find out what else is new at the San Diego County Fair 2012, read the rest of this article which includes much more information about the San Diego County Fair at our website,  San Diego Travel

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  1. Dan Gostow permalink
    June 14, 2012 8:21 am

    One word that came to my mind while reading this post was ‘Astounding’. I live in Niagara and have witnessed many fairs at Niagara Falls but this fair seem to have overshadowed what I had experienced. Great.

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