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Best Venue for Live Music in San Diego – Anthology San Diego

January 11, 2011

Anthology San Diego

Nightlife in San Diego went up a few notches a few years ago when Anthology opened its doors and turned up the volume on high quality live music.

Anthology brings back the dinner club vibe with a contemporary feel. In San Diego, there is nothing like Anthology. This mult-tiered venue sings a song of a different tune with a beautiful, sophisticated décor and an intimate setting that highlights the magic of live music with the best acoustics in San Diego.

Nestled between the tall buildings of San Diego’s Little Italy, Anthology is understated from the outside hiding the impressive venue on the inside. Don’t judge the club by its facade. Anthology has that swanky feel that makes going out to hear music all the more satisfying and fun.

Depending on your budget, you can get into Anthology and be drawn into the music. While it is a supper club, it’s the music that really takes center stage. There are three stories of different seating choices (and pricing) from first floor table seating to upper-level seating which can be enjoyed for $10.00. Each level provides a different look and feel but all have top quality sound and sight lines.

Anthology seats 250 music-lovin’ people who enjoy Latin, jazz, blues, classic rock and more. Yes, the music is the star, but Chef Todd Allison, a native son of Coronado, is doing his best to bring culinary excellence to every plate that is served at Anthology. In fact, Chef Todd came back from Los Angeles in 2010 to jazz up the menu of Anthology with his creative riff on classic American cuisine.

To make a beautiful venue like Anthology work, packing in the audience is essential.The full table seats provide more room to move in your chair and avoid rubbing elbows with the folks next to you. If you don’t enjoy touching other people, make sure you don’t select the rail seats.

Anthology does it’s best to make the environment a class act. As they like to say, there is no bad seat at Anthology. In most respects this is true because wherever you look in Anthology you can find large and small monitors bringing the stage to the customer wherever the customer chooses to enjoy the music.

A happy musician means a happy audience. From what we have seen, the artists seem to dig playing at Anthology. Who wouldn’t? As they tour across the country from venue to venue, musicians don’t usually get to showcase their music in high-tech places like Anthology. Still, we found ourselves surprised that the stage seems a tad small for the top musical acts that come to Anthology. While not every act will include nearly 20 musicians as in the case with Sheila E. and Pete Escovedo, it still seems that the stage could be more spacious. Honestly, this is our only criticism of the venue.

At Anthology, the attention to detail is designed for an audience that wants to hear really good live music with really good sound quality. No doubt, musicians appreciate the quality of the sound more than anything else. Respect for live music and live music that respects the art of music is what stands in the spotlight at Anthology.

In a nutshell, Anthology will set you back some bucks but it’s worth every cent when you can enjoy music as it was intended and support live, quality music. If you are visiting San Diego and want to take in a live show, Anthology is a great place to check out.

Anthology San Diego
1337 India St. (between A & Ash Streets) San Diego, CA 92101
Phone: (619) 595-0300 (Tuesday – Sunday)

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    I really liked your article.Thanks Again. Awesome.


  1. This Beautiful Anthology

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